Homecoming Soldier Surprises Grandparents At Safeco Field

Diane and Dan McGill of Washington, still can’t forget the day their grand daughter Tori enlisted in the military.

She is a combat engineer in the Missouri National Guard and is serving in Kuwait.

The family came to the Safeco Field thinking that they were invited for military appreciation, but did not know that Tori was seated just above them in the stands and had planned a surprise for them.

Tori and her mom Heidi planned the surprise together, and the Mariners made it a bigger deal for them.

So when they are called on the field, the unsuspecting couple are joined by Heidi and think they are going to be paying tribute to the soldiers serving overseas, but just then Tori sneaks up behind them with a bunch of flowers in her hand and taps their shoulder.

There is a happy reunion for all of them and the hugs and tears shed by all of them will surely bring tears in your eyes as well.

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