Quartet Of Siblings Perform Gospel Song ‘Letting Go’

Southern Raised gave a beautiful performance on their gospel song ‘Letting Go,’ which seeks to remind us to give all control in the hands of God and letting Him direct our ways.


I’m letting go, I’m setting free
My ideas of what this life should be
I’m letting go, I’m letting You
Lead the way the way You always do
I’ll take Your hand, You choose the road
I’m letting go, I’m letting go.

Southern Raised comprises of a quartet of siblings, Lindsay, Sarah and Emily and their brother Matthew. They are all trained in classical music, they have grown into a bluegrass sound reminding us of Alison Krauss and Rhonda Vincent. They have been graced with Singing News Fan Awards and a staggering 31 SPBGMA Midwest Nominations.

Their deep roots in the Christian faith have been gorgeously captured in this latest song ‘Letting Go’ which speaks of giving everything into the hands of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ even in times when we cannot trust.

If You choose the path I’ve never wanted
And fill my heart with questions I don’t know
Help me see Your will and lean upon it
And open up my stubborn hands to give You control
I have felt the joy of following Your plan
So I will trust when I don’t even understand

‘Letting Go’ is nothing short of breathtaking and it’s so amazing to see the commitment of these young siblings to use their voices and musical talent to glorify God around the world.


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