Spirit Airlines Employee Dances With Cheerleaders During Flight Delay

Long air traveling hours can be a grueling time for most, and even more if the flight is pushed back several hours.

A group of cheerleading teams were stuck at the airport on Monday, April 8, as they were waiting to catch a Spirit Airlines flight to Atlantic City.

When disappointing information came in that their flight was delayed for another hour.

But it was no big deal for these girls as they were used to making the most of the situation. “It was no big deal because the girls were all hanging out entertaining each other,” Kristie Brown, a mom traveling with the teams said.

“One of the coaches picked up a speaker, turned some music on, and the girls just started dancing,” Brown said. “Next thing we know, we look over and one of the employees just jumps in and starts dancing with the girls.”

Robert Dillon, an employee at Myrtle Beach resort, recognized “Wobble Baby” and the “Cupid Shuffle,” and just had to join the party. “They just started playing music really loudly, and people were dancing along,” Dillon said. “It was getting to the point where I couldn’t make the delay announcement.”

“When I jumped in on it, I don’t think anyone was expecting it — that’s when they began to cheer and really get into it,” he added. “People started pulling their phones out and recording.”

Soon, Dillon had to leave them and get back to his job, “They were laughing that I was still working and dancing,” he said. “Then I was like, ‘I gotta go, I still have to work!’”

Mom Katie Brown who filmed his antics with the group had to share it with the world and so tweeted the video on social media.

“A @SpiritAirlines employee helping our cheerleaders pass sometime during our delay!” Kristie Brown tweeted. “There’s always so much negativity with airlines and airports,” she later said, “so it really just made everyone kind of smile and laugh and the girls continued dancing and had a good time.”

“Delays can be a downer when you’re trying to see family or go on vacation,” Dillon said. “But we’re all trying to achieve the common goal of getting you guys out and we want to see everyone leave with a smile on their face.”

“It’s great when everyone is in a good mood and having fun,” he said. “I really appreciated how everyone was having a good time that night because it makes the experience for everyone else so much better.”

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