Christian Woman Fired from Starbucks for Objecting to Policies Against ‘God’s Word’

A Christian woman named Taylor Trice lost her job at Starbucks after she disagreed with a Pride display and a pronoun policy she felt went against her faith. This incident happened in Apex, North Carolina.

Starbucks employee fired for faith Taylor Trice

Trice was initially attracted to Starbucks because of the tuition help it offered for an online program at Arizona State University. She didn’t know much about the company’s liberal values at first. Her job there seemed good until she faced a situation that challenged her beliefs.

During Pride Month, Starbucks put up decorations and enforced a pronoun policy that Trice felt did not “go along with God’s Word.”

Trice was especially concerned about a display explaining various sexual orientations. She thought this was not suitable for families and kids who come into the store. Trice tried to speak up. She told her managers to be careful with what was displayed to avoid misunderstandings.

Another issue was Starbucks’ policy on using preferred pronouns for transgender individuals. This policy didn’t sit right with Trice’s Christian faith. She believes in being truthful, based on her understanding of the Bible. “I take my faith seriously, and I try to be as much like Jesus as I can. According to my faith, you’re not supposed to lie,” Trice stated.

“So, that means if I see you are a man, and I call you a woman, that is lying,” she said. “That is identifying you as something that God did not create you to be. And it’s identifying you as something that Satan wants to identify you as, and Satan’s ultimate goal is to confuse you and deceive you about your identity.” Trice said.

Addressing the pronoun policy, Trice offered a compromise based on her beliefs. “I’m willing to call you by your name. I’m willing to avoid using the pronouns you don’t want me to use, but it’s against my faith to lie and say… someone is a woman if they’re a man or if someone is a man if they’re a woman,” Trice stated.”

Despite her attempts to compromise, Trice’s concerns led to her losing her job. She had a dream about being called into a meeting and being accused of homophobia, which happened the next day.

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After losing her job, Trice found a lot of support online. She mentioned, “I received a lot of support, and I was very grateful for that, to see that I’m not alone in the way that I think.” The support she received has been a source of comfort and affirmation.

One TikTok user wrote, “I’m so so happy that you stood strong in your faith and beliefs”. Another person wrote, “Well done. You didn’t bow down to the enemy. Thank you for standing firmly in your beliefs. I’ve been in your position before ❤️”.

Some people also shared their personal experiences at Starbucks, one person said, “I was asked to leave a Starbucks for sitting quietly doing my Bible study. Never been back.” Another one wrote, “I was a manager there for 5 years and there in total for 10. This is one of the biggest reasons I left. It used to be everyone’s third place, except for people like us.”

Now working as a house cleaner, Trice sees her experience as a stepping stone in her faith journey. She said, “I think God has provided for me ever since, I’ve been able to work with other Christians, and right now I’m a house cleaner, and I really like it. I’m proud of speaking up… I just consider it as something that helps me to grow my faith.”

Like Taylor Trice, We must remember to stand firm in our faith and prioritize God’s word, even in challenging situations.

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” – Philippians 1:21


4 thoughts on “Christian Woman Fired from Starbucks for Objecting to Policies Against ‘God’s Word’”

    • Exactly. I ban all places, products & t.v. companies that clearly serve the enemy of God. We all should!

    • I think her interpretation of “God’s Word” is a little off. I plan to continue to visit Starbucks and keep seeking better understanding of “God’s Word.”

  1. We need more Taylor Trice’s that aren’t afraid to stand up for the Truth in God’s Word. God Bless you Taylor. Your reward in heaven will be beyond Awesome!! I don’t know you but am so very proud of your stand for the gospel, and I know that God definitely is…….

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