Teen Dives Into 12-Feet Pool To Save Drowning Toddler At The Bottom

A young teen helped save the day at a time the whole world comes together to celebrate Mothers everywhere.


A family in Henry County, Georgia, had gathered at a relative’s home that had a pool to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Everyone was busy enjoying the food and drink when 2-year-old Kingston quietly slipped into the pool and sank to the bottom.

Soon his mother realized he was missing and grew frantic, she scanned the pool with 13-year-old Randy Paul present there as well to help her.

Brown had taken swim lessons and some lifeguard training at The Swim Center in Stockbridge, according to an article from the Fayette County Public Schools, which prepared him for what he needed to do next.

The 2-year-old’s body was finally spotted at the bottom of the pool, which was 12 feet deep. His mother started screaming and shouting for help for someone to help him.

“She was screaming on the side of the pool and was like, ‘There’s my son,’” Brown said. He dived in immediately, saying he didn’t have time to think of anything.

He swam to the bottom, picked up the toddler, and brought him back to the surface, where others performed CPR and revived the boy by the time first responders arrived.

It turned out that Brown was God-sent because he was the only person present who could have rescued the boy. “Thank God Randy was there,” Kingston’s mother said.

Brown said that the adults there either couldn’t swim or wouldn’t have been able to dive to the bottom of the pool because their lungs were impacted by smoking.

“If I didn’t do what I did right there, he might not be here today,” Brown said. “I just thank God that everybody was there and we had trained, professional, CPR-certified people there.”

The incident has given Brown a new sense of accomplishment. “The day after, when I was at school, I kind of felt … I don’t know,” he said.

“Like, traumatized, because when he drowned, like, he wasn’t drowning, he drowned. When I went down there and he was like his arm was laid out, he had his head down on the pavement, and he had drowned.”

“It’s like, wow, I just saved a whole life. I just saved a whole 2-year-old life.”

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