3 Young Men Help Struggling Elderly Woman Carry Groceries To Her Car

People around the country are praising three young men who were spotted helping an elderly woman to her car at a Cincinnati Kroger and loading her groceries.

teens help elderly woman

Victoria Curtis shared a post about the incident on Facebook, saying she spotted the three young men at Kroger on Winton Road.

The elderly woman’s legs were unstable inside the store and so the three men, who work at the store, helped her to her car and loaded her groceries. “..whoever these young men’s parents are, you raised them well,” Curtis said in her post.

Curtis did end up meeting the three men — Josiah, Kingston and Demetrius — at Kroger and gave them gifts and pizza.

What a beautiful act of kindness this is amid all the chaos and distress we are seeing in the country. America remains united through people who look beyond race and culture.

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