Redeemed Quartet Sings Gospel-Filled Song ‘That I Could Still Go Free’

The talented singers of Redeemed Quartet are reminding us that we were set free because of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, with their official music video of the song ‘That I Could Still Go Free.’

That I Could Still Go Free redeemed quartet

Singing from the beautiful rolling sand dunes of Lake Michigan, Redeemed Quartet has outdone themselves again with a flawless performance for the body of Christ.

Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for us sinners when He died on the cross for all humanity, but as we are blessed with the gift of salvation there are millions who still haven’t heard His name.

That I Could Still Go Free
Lock me up in a prison
And throw away the key
Take away the vision
From these eyes that now, now can see
Deprive me of the food I eat
And even bind my hands and feet
For as long as I know Jesus
I can still go free

Today as we listen to this song we must add that Caleb’s performance was amazing as the others too. The gorgeous background of Lake Michigan makes the video so much more stunning.

That I could still go free
What kind of man would reach down his hand and do this for me
Unworthy to live and not fit to kill
Yet a man on the cross put me in His will
And said that I could still go free

This performance by Redeemed Quartet is such a blessing to all of us today and the grace-filled message of the song is exactly what we need to hear during these difficult times.


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