This Beautiful Rendition Of ‘The First Noel’ Is A Perfect Gift For This Christmas

A beautiful song narrates the story of “Christmas”! These three “Wise Brothers” Matt Bloyd , Vincint and Mario Jose are spreading the joy of the season through this beautiful rendition of ‘The First Noel’.

Jesus’s birth was made known to the world in different fashion. The much anticipated prophecy about the birth of Messiah is now been fulfilled through a virgin at the little town of Bethlehem Ephrata! And for the wise and the intelligent, a star sign was good enough to bring them to the Child who was born as the King Of Israel. But for the poor and the lowly shepherds the angels had to appear to tell them in plain that your Messiah is born in Bethlehem. No matter what, God has His own ways and means to reach out people to tell about this “Bright And Morning Star” – Emmanuel! And we all are privileged to have this “Good News”in our Spirit!