Former Drug Addict Provides Meals And Shelter For Homeless : ‘God Uses All Things For Good’

A former drug addict who gave his life to Jesus is now playing a pivotal role in society by serving and feeding the homeless.

the fix ministry Fred Weymouth

“Fix Thrift” in King William County is where old and discarded items get a fresh lease of life, the same way William “Gino” Turner’s life did.

“I didn’t think my life was going to go anywhere, that I was just society’s discarded waste,” Turner said. He was able to turn his life around after he found Christ during the worst time of his life.

“I was able to establish a relationship with Christ, and I found real joy, and I’m just so happy. It’s so authentic, it’s so real and there’s so much hope now,” said Turner.

The “Fix” Ministry

Fred Weymouth is the co-founder and lead pastor for “The Fix Ministry,” which oversees the thrift shop. “I was drug-addicted for years, in and out of programs, in and out of homelessness in downtown Richmond,” he said.

Weymouth is now 15 years sober, he says, “I would tell you I had an encounter with God, and it completely changed my life forever.” He is turning faith into action now.

“They hold a Saturday night service because, on Sunday, they are serving the homeless downtown in the parking lot at 18th and Grace Street,” said Yvonne Broaddus, a member of the church.

It’s not only on Sunday, but Weymouth and his team are out there on Tuesday as well – giving out meals to at least a hundred people. “They set up tents, they worship Jesus, and they serve the homeless a meal, they set out clothes for them – anything they need,” says Broaddus.

The ministry has also offered housing for 12 men battling addiction and homelessness, with the hope of them transitioning back into society in a healthy way after a year. “I came here three months ago, 20 pounds lighter, with a meth addiction, and in just a matter of weeks, my weight was restored. I looked healthy again, my mind was clear,” says Turner.

Because of success stories like William Turner and the work she’s witnessed firsthand, Yvonne Broaddus wanted to say, “thank you” to Pastor Weymouth with $300 and a $50 gift card to Mexico Restaurant.

Pastor Fred Weymouth used the gift to pay it forward, giving it to the people working alongside him that keep the mission alive. “God uses all things for good. I’ve always stuck to that passage because it doesn’t say all things are good; it says he uses all things for good.”

“It was not a good experience when I was going through it, but I know now that it’s been used for good,” says Weymouth.

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