Tim Conway’s Cat-astrophic Comedy Wins Hearts on The Carol Burnett Show

Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, and Carol Burnett star in a memorable sketch on “The Carol Burnett Show.” Their performance is a highlight in the show’s history. The cast, known for its comedy, often found themselves in absurd situations. They used their talents to create memorable television moments.

tim conway cat comedy

An Engagement and an Unusual Cat-like Behavior

In a classic scene, Carol and Tim play an engaged couple. They are meeting Carol’s strict father for approval. Tim’s character, after allergy tests, starts acting like a cat. This leads to a series of funny incidents.

When Harvey Korman’s character, Carol’s father, tries to shake hands, Tim sniffs his hand instead. This odd greeting is just the beginning. Harvey, unimpressed, tells Carol, “there’s a lot to be said for being an old maid.”

Tim’s antics escalate. He lunges and hisses like a cat, and even scratches himself as if he has fleas. He can’t resist playing with a pocket watch that Harvey swings.

Laughter Wins

Despite the bizarre behavior, Harvey’s character ends up laughing. The audience joins in. The sketch ends with Tim being chased by a dog and climbing drapes. Yet, Tim and Carol’s characters get her father’s blessing.

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