Little Boy Throws Hat And Runs To Truck Driver Dad: ‘Daddy’s Home!’

A toddler threw his cap like a 63-year-old mechanic when he caught a glimpse of his truck driver dad returning home.


The little boy is wearing a diaper and a hat but feels that the hat is stopping him from running faster and throws it off to reach daddy faster!

The video was uploaded by his mother Alexis Hatter who shared it on social media and has since become a viral sensation.

The priceless video shows her son running to his dad who had just pulled up to the house after a long shift at work.

The video got adorable comments from viewers whose hearts were warmed when they saw the little boy’s love for his dad:

One person commented saying, “That hat was slowing him down! So excited to see his dad!! Love it!”

Another person wrote, “You can see the daddy treats his son like gold, or that little boy wouldn’t be running like that to him. He’s much loved and wanted little boy by mama and papa.”

One person wrote, “This baby loves his dad, its heartwarming, and the hat.”

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