5 Important Lessons For Believers From The Transfiguration Of Jesus

Matthew 17:1-9 speaks of the transfiguration of Jesus Christ. It has important lessons for us as believers and followers of our Lord Jesus. This incident took place close to the time of the death of Jesus. He foresaw what lay ahead in the remaining moments before His death and took His three disciples Peter, James and John to pray on the mount of transfiguration.


We can read about this incident in Matthew 17:1-9, Mark 9:2-10 and Luke 9:28-36 where each of them explained it in their own understanding about the encounter of Jesus’s transfiguration. Here are 5 lessons for us to learn from this amazing incident:

1. The Glory of Jesus revealed

The majesty of Lord Jesus Christ shone forth upon His countenance and through the very garments, He wore. Moses and Stephen It was His inherent glory shining forth from Him. We all need this vision, a vision of the splendour and majesty of His Father and the exact representation of who He is.

2. Jesus is the only begotten Son of God

While others were on the mount, Moses and Elijah appeared before them in Matthew 17:3 and Peter suggested making three shelters so they could all stay on the mount. But then immediately a cloud overshadowed them in Matthew 17:5-8; and the Father said: “This is my Son…listen to him!” They then saw no one except Jesus. God will never allow anyone to be placed on the same level as His Son. Jesus stood on the mount alone (Luke 9:36).

3. Conversation between Moses, Elijah and Jesus

Luke 9:30-31 tells us that it was Calvary and Moses and Elijah spoke to Jesus about what He was about to accomplish at Jerusalem. What a mighty deliverance he accomplished through His death. The theme of their discussion was about the Cross of Calvary and the death of Christ.
Our God had such a marvelous plan to reconcile His creation back to Him and for that He sent His only begot Son to accomplish it.

4. The prophecies in the Bible were fulfilled in the Lord Jesus

Moses represented the sacrifices and the old Jewish laws and statutes. Elijah represented the prophets. Every type of law in the Mosaic type and the prophetic ministries of the old dispensation pointed to the Lord Jesus. In the slaying of the sheep under the animal sacrifice tradition under the Mosaic law, it was as if Moses told the Lord, that they thought of Him when they slew the lambs. And it was as if Elijah told the Lord that when the prophets prophesied they did it in anticipation of His coming”.

5. We have hope that our loved ones who have passed on to glory are recognizable just like Elijah and Moses were

Moses and Elijah were still alive and were recognized by Peter, James, and John on the mount. We can safely say that the dead in Christ are alive and safe and the same in Heaven. We will be able to see them and recognize all our departed loved ones who died in the Lord.

We shall know them because the grave is not the end; beyond it lies the glorious palace of our God. Amen!

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