65 Percent Of Her Body Was Burned, But This Runner Is Making An Epic Comeback

When Turia Pitt crossed the finish line of the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, It was not just an accomplishment for her, it was something that pushed her from the edge of death to a normal life. Six years ago, Pitt was participating in an ultramarathon in Kimberley, Australia, when a terrific grassfire engulfed the region. Pitt got severely injured and 65% of her body was burned. She was near death and doctors concluded she wouldn’t survive. She was in a coma for the first month and spent six months in rehabilitation. Pitt had undergone more than 200 surgeries. This former model and athlete had to relearn how to sit up, stand, walk and talk. She was told she would never run again. But this brave girl didn’t give up. Now this beautiful girl is not only an IRONMAN winner, but also a motivational speaker, author and mindset coach.

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