Strangers Pays For Single Mom’s Electricity After She Asked For 70 Cents

A single mother who was struggling to pay her bills got the surprise of her life, when hundreds stepped up to show her compassion.


Mother-of-two, Thabisa Xhelithole from South Africa took to Twitter to ask people to send her 70 cents to pay her electricity bill, she works six days a week to take care of her family, but still cannot make ends meet.

When this single mother, 33, was forced to pay her son’s school fees, she was left with nothing for her electricity bill and posted a photo of her home electricity meter at zero and requested if anyone could send her R10 ($0.69) to her account.

People responded and Xhelithole received more than double the amount, she says she even received money from as far as Canada. After receiving money fro a week, she posted a photo on her Twitter of her electricity meter with more than R4000 worth of electricity.

Watch the emotional interview below.

Thanks to the power of social media, this struggling mother got the much needed support and compassion, she required in this grueling situation.

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