Wife Breaks Down On Hearing Her Husband’s Laugh For The First Time Since He Died

Paola Lopez and her siblings gave the perfect birthday present to their mother after the passing of her loving husband.

Danira Quijada’s family was celebrating her birthday, she had recently lost her husband to cancer and was enduring the grieving process.

Posted by Danira Quijada on Monday, December 24, 2018

At the birthday celebration, Lopez and her siblings presented their mother with a Build-A-Bear box.

When Quijada opened the box, she saw that it contained a teddy bear dressed in a cowboy hat and flannel shirt.

At first she did not understand the meaning of the box, but her kids helped her out. “Squeeze its hand,” said one of the children in the video Lopez posted to Twitter. When she complied, Quijada immediately recognized that old familiar laugh that played.

Quijada was overcome with emotion and broke down in tears, she then rested her head on the table as her children comforted her.

Through this video we can see how much the children love and care for their grieving mother.

Lopez later took to Instagram to say how much her mom’s strength and determination inspires them.

“Happy birthday to the strongest woman I’ve ever met. . . this world needs more people like you!” Lopez wrote, praising her mother’s strength and resilience in time of grief.

All those who have watched the video say that they have been impacted by it.


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