She Lost Her Way Home, But God Had A Plan

49-year-old Anita Hughes is a powerful worshipper at her church in Cleveland. While at home, she is always silent. Anita rarely left her home and wouldn’t travel anywhere by herself. But she decided to make a trip to North Carolina for a gospel concert. She reached there at time, but on way home, Anita got terribly lost. She had no idea about what state she was in. So she stepped into 7-Eleven in Strasburg, Virginia and desperately asked for directions “‘Can somebody please tell me how get to Cleveland?!’,”
It was then Jason Wright, a customer at the store gave her directions, but she was still scared. ‘If that’s the right way, you come show me how to get to Cleveland.’ Anita said. Jason is living to the south, but the kind-hearted man drove 35 miles out of his way to get her back home. Few days later, Jason made another 300 miles trip to give Anita a sweet surprise. God gave Anita a new friend and confidence.