Cashier Makes Mom’s Day With Random Act Of Kindness

A Woolworths shopper shared a story of how a checkout worker there helped her when she was short on cash to buy groceries.


Jessica Atalla, from Melbourne, went to her local supermarket ten months after recently giving birth to her daughter. She realized that she had left her wallet in the car, but had enough cash to purchase a few items.

After making her purchases, she went to scan her items and then found that she didn’t have enough money to cover the bill. ‘I had a little bit of cash but ended up also getting some cleaning supplies and was just short,’ Ms. Atalla wrote in the Facebook group The Kindness Pandemic.

She told the female employee at the self-checkout to remove an item so she could afford to pay, but ‘She told me to hold on and I was thinking maybe she needed to get a senior staff member to remove the item,’ Ms. Atalla said.

‘Instead, she came back with two dollars which was more than I needed and she even told me to keep the change. ‘It really made my day! Thank you so much the kind gesture was very appreciated.’

Atalla’s post has so far received more than 3,400 likes and many have appreciated the Woolworths worker for her kind gesture. ‘I was lucky enough for supermarket staff do the same for me when I didn’t have enough money. It is such a relief!’ someone wrote.

‘What a beautiful thing to do,’ another commented. ‘It’s those little things that count BIG TIME!’ somebody else wrote.


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