Centenarian Makes New Bestie Because Of A Wrong Number Call

Dialing a wrong number usually results in an awkward conversation and a hang-up, but that was not the case for Irene Wilkinson.

Some months ago, Irene was trying to call someone, and instead of dialing the area code number “8” she dialed “7” which resulted in a wonderful outcome.

Irene, who is 102 years old, mistakenly called a lady in Tennessee named Rosa, but instead of it being an awkward conversation between the two, they talked for an hour and a half.

Recollecting the incident, Irene says that the lady sounded nice and like typical elderly people, they spoke about themselves and their children.

Their new friendship just kept growing in leaps and bounds as they started calling each other all the time, spending hours on the phone.

Not content with just talking on the phone, Rosa was determined to meet Irene at her nursing home in Granite City, Illinois. Rosa’s daughter agreed to drive all the way from Florida, to Tennessee where Rosa lived and then drive for 10 hours to meet Irene in Illinois.

After completing a gruelling road journey, the two new besties finally were face to face and both were very emotional, with Irene bawling like a baby.

Irene’s nursing home The Fountains at Granite City, has put up a photo of them both on Facebook.

We believe that it was not unintentional for Rosa and Irene to meet up, but that it was the plan of God that Irene dialed a wrong number so that she could speak to Rosa.

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