Adorable Little Girl Preaches The Word Of God Online

Children are getting involved in the church like never before. They are preaching the gospel, evangelizing to their friends, and leading praise and worship in many churches across the country.

From the mouth of babes

Today an adorable little girl is sharing the word of God online, about the Lord Jesus Christ who came to earth and died on the Cross to save us from our sins.


Gospel of Jesus Christ

This is so powerful and transforming. She starts by saying, “I want to tell you about God.” She then introduces Jesus to her listeners saying, “God is Jesus and Jesus is God. And Jesus came to earth to die for our sins and He raised from the grave so that we can have eternal life and live with Him forever in heaven. It’s a great thing to talk about because God is the one who will set you free from sin.”



She touches on the topic of sin and says, “Sin is the bad stuff we do, the bad stuff we think, and the bad stuff we say—like lying and not being truthful.” She then shared what Jesus did to take away our sins. She continues on the topic saying, “Sin is just on our hearts but God takes it and puts it on His own Son while He’s dying on the cross. He took our sin so that we can live with Him forever. And that’s amazing!” exclaimed the little girl seemingly preaching like an adult.

Before she winds up her sermon she says, “It’s amazing that God takes our sin and gives it to Jesus and Jesus dies on the cross and rose from the grave. And we can have eternal life with Him! That’s crazy!” She adds that she is doing the video because, “But I just wanted to talk to you guys about that because I know I love Jesus. I love you and I just want to say goodbye,” she concluded.


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