Brave 10-Year-Old Calls 911 And Helps Mother Deliver Baby Sister

A Missouri mom got help from her 10 year-old-daughter when she went into labor three weeks early and delivered a healthy baby girl on the 23rd of Oct, 2022.


The 30-year-old mom Viola Fair was at home when she went into an early labor, three weeks prior to her due date. There was no time to get to the hospital and she had to give birth at home. Her daughter, Miracle Moore stepped in and helped her mom deliver the child with the assistance of a 911 dispatcher.

The young girl followed the instructions, of dispatcher Stranghoener, calmly in the 11 minute long conversation. Not questioning anything, doing just as she was instructed. She is being applauded for her calm composure, despite her young age, in a very tense situation such as giving birth.

“She followed all of my instructions to a T’ and did an amazing job,” Stranghoener said. “A few minutes later, we had another baby girl in the house.”

Viola Fair says that she( Miracle) grabbed her sister, Jayla, following delivery, wrapped her up in a towel, and rubbed her back to get her to cry. She is “very thankful” to her daughter for helping her.

The paramedics then arrived shortly after and the mother and baby was taken to hospital for further medical care. They are “safe and sound” now.

“Everything went perfect,” paramedic Blake Alicea said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better miracle or anyone else on the scene. Everyone played their part. She is super brave for what she did.”

Miracle Moore was honored for her brave actions and was presented with a “special certificate” and other goodies such as a pink stork pin (that EMS providers receive when helping to deliver a baby in the field), a tablet with educational games and a journal to pen her amazing story.

Having gone through the entire ordeal of helping her mom give birth, Miracle is pondering upon the possibility of her pursuing a medical career but, currently, she is only focus on getting through her 4th grade first.