10-Year-Old Guitarist Blows Audience and Judges Away with Electrifying Performance

A 10-year-old guitarist wowed America’s Got Talent judges and audience with her electric guitar performance, leaving everyone stunned.

10 year old guitarist americas got talent

Maya Neelakantan, a 10-year-old from Chennai, India, took the stage in a traditional Indian saree and wielded a Gibson electric guitar, a gift from one of her rock heroes.

Inspired by her father, who played the guitar as a hobby, Maya taught herself to play starting at age 6. “My biggest dream is to create my own music,” Maya shared with the AGT viewers backstage.

Maya’s debut performance began with a haunting tune played in the style of a Veena, a traditional Indian instrument. Her finger movements and style resembled a classical performance. But then, the tune changed, the atmosphere shifted, and Maya transformed into a rockstar, surprising everyone.

Maya covered the nu-metal hit “Last Resort” by Papa Roach. The song, known for its distinct shouting vocals and eight-note guitar riffs, became a millennial anthem. Papa Roach themselves noticed Maya’s performance, commenting on her Instagram post, “Let’s gooo!! Absolutely killed it, Maya!” Maya expressed her happiness at their recognition, saying she was “very happy” that they were impressed.

The AGT judges were equally impressed. Sofia Vergara wondered aloud if Maya was really just 10 years old, calling her set “the perfect audition.” Heidi Klum described her as “absolutely incredible” and “gutsy,” encouraging Maya to be proud of herself.

Simon Cowell shared his own struggles with learning the guitar at a young age, praising Maya for turning into a “rock goddess” despite her shy demeanor.

Maya’s performance not only earned her four yeses from the judges but also went viral, as Mandel predicted, resonating in the rock world and beyond.

Maya Neelakantan is just 10 years old. But at this age, she is an incredible performer, playing like a pro and a true rockstar. Who else is excited to see her next performance?

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