2-Year-Old Irish Dancer Steals Hearts Everywhere

It is not just the sensational or controversial issues that end up being viral on Social media. This 2-year-old girl has also gone viral on Facebook after showing her cute stomps and skips for an Irish dance.

2 year old irish dancer

“Irish dance or Irish dancing is traditional Gaelic or Celtic dance forms that originated in Ireland. It can be performed as a solo or in groups of up to twenty or more trained dancers,” as defined by www.danceus.org. This adorable young girl opted to dance in pairs instead.

She started with light stomping and some clapping. She then, added some skips, as if she was tap dancing. She was carefully imitating the steps from the adult beside her. These attempts to dance the “Irish way” have melted the hearts of literally, millions. The short video has already been viewed over 25M times on Facebook. It also has thousands more on YouTube.

Obviously, the woman recording the video was so happy with the progress the child was making. She was giving her instructions while recording the precious moment. The guy who was beside her was just smiling all throughout while enjoying dancing with probably, “the youngest and cutest Irish dancer”.

It’s a breath of fresh air to watch videos like this from time to time. It is okay to enjoy and savor life’s beauty, humor, and goodness as much as we can. There is always something we can be thankful for every day.

“I really try to enjoy life and have joy with what I do.”- Tim Tebow


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