28-Pound Cat ‘Frosty’ Rescued by Shelter Goes Viral, Finds Forever Home

In Virginia, a heartwarming story unfolded about an overweight cat named “One Frosty Too Many,” or Frosty.

28 lbs cat frosty maim

This 28.5-pound cat was found on the streets before Richmond Animal Care and Control rescued him. They shared his photos on Facebook.

Frosty is three times the normal weight for a cat. He couldn’t fit in a standard cage. Despite his size, he became popular on social media.

The shelter compared Frosty to Patches, another heavy cat they had. Frosty’s story drew many comments and reactions online. People shared photos of their own large cats.

Thankfully, Frosty was adopted. Maggie Thompson, aged 38, is his new owner. She renamed him Gus.

28 lbs cat frosty 2

Thompson plans a weight-loss journey for him. She shared her connection with Gus, saying, “He got on my lap and started purring. With animals, they pick you. You just know when it’s right, and they do, too.”