Construction Worker Brings Joy To Neighborhood By Singing Frank Sinatra’s ‘Summer Wind’

Gary Russo, the ‘2nd ave Sinatra’ construction worker is spreading some much-needed joy in his neighborhood. During the lunchtime break, Gary can be found belting out Frank Sinatra’s “Summer Wind” with his karaoke equipment.

2nd ave Sinatra Gary Russo

“We’re trying to give back a little bit, you know? Lunchtime,” Gary says with a smile. As a construction worker, he knows that the noise can be overwhelming for those living in the area, and he wants to do something to make up for it. “We’ve infected this neighborhood with noise. I’d be up in arms, too,” he said.

Unfortunately, Gary Russo, the ‘2nd avenue Sinatra’ is no longer with us, but his voice and the song still touch people. His infectious energy and passion for singing have left a lasting impact on the community, and his legacy lives on through the joy that he brought to the neighborhood.

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