4-Year-Old Girl Narrates Snowboarding Adventure In The Cutest Way

It’s cuteness overload to see this adorable four-year-old snowboarding down the slope while singing a tune that will surely, make your day.


Seeing a toddler gliding confidently on her snowboard is a big thing, but seeing her glide dressed in her dino costume is truly something else. Her dad attached a mic to her while snowboarding and she sang a song that indeed warmed hearts and lifted spirits!

This little dino girl sang, “This way, heel slip. I won’t fall, maybe I will. That’s okay, cause’ we all fall.” Pretty much true with what’s happening in our daily lives but this is also the same when it comes to snowboarding.

This young snowboarder fell a few times, got up, and tried again. There were times when getting up was a struggle, but she even made fun of her boo-boos. She called herself “Stuck-asuarus” when it took her extra time to get up after a fall. She also called herself, “Powder-asuarus” after she fell flat on her face. Her cute face might have been covered with powder-like snow.

Guess life should not be taken too seriously just like what this young girl showed. Merely watching her enjoying snowboarding, falling, getting up, while humming a tune is inspiring! May we also take things one step at a time, enjoy life, get up after a fall, learn from it, while carrying a tune. Things will be a lot lighter and brighter when we do not take failures too seriously.

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

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