Dancing Partners Of 60 Years Are Still On Point With Their Twists And Twirls

Meet Nellia and Dietmar Ehrentraut, a dancing duo from Austria who are proving that age is just a number with their amazing Swing skills!

60 year old couple dancing

This couple has been actively dancing for more than 40 years and regularly competes in dance shows throughout Europe. Now in their 60s and 70s, Nellia and Dietmar Ehrentraut still give younger couples a run for their money.

In all their dance videos, you will see them dressed in vintage clothes, ready to showcase their dancing to their audience. This dance form demands exceptional flexibility, often seeming impossible for people in their age group.

The Ehrentrauts have won many awards and have participated in the National dance championships for Austria. In a recent interview about their sudden rise to fame, they said, “We are quite flabbergasted. I had not even seen anyone filming us.”

Watching them twirl and dip, kick and twist in perfect harmony is simply mind-blowing. It’s no surprise that their performance enthralls the audience, prompting them to clap along as the duo moves and jives across the dance floor.

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