94-Year-Old Volunteer Brings A Smile On Every Face At Cincinnati Hospital

Hospitals can be a gloomy place to be at, but visitors to the Bethesda North Hospital know that there is someone who with their friendly face, welcoming voice and warm smile will brighten up every sad face from Monday to Friday.

David Pohl is a 94-year old sweetheart who manages to bring a smile on almost everybody’s face at the hospital.

Pohl says his life is centered around the hospital and he is the oldest thing around, and has been here for more time than most of the pharmacists.

He says that he knows the hospital like the back of his hand and that it is his sanctuary which was birthed from pain.

He adds that his wife and he were married for 58 years, but after she died, he was lost for about five months.

His daughter, is a Bethesda North nurse where Pohl works and she was the one who gave him an ultimatum, saying that he needed a job and to come and volunteer at the hospital.

Pohl was born in Walnut Hills and has always been a hard worker, he worked at the the drug store in Montgomery. during the time Pearl Harbor day happened in 1941.

He left the drug store to serve in World War II and now is at the Hospital doing pharmacy work again.