Regular Customers Surprise Single-Mom Waitress With Car

A waitress was touched by the kindness of a regular couple who gifted her a car after learning the single mom had a hard time getting to work every day.


Hard times

Lisa Mollet has been working at the Empire Diner in New Jersey for the last four years, but things came to a standstill after the pandemic hit. She did not have work from March through June, and when she returned to work, her car broke down and she has been using Uber to get to work every day.

“It was hard, it was very challenging. I’m a single mom with two kids. I have my own house. Paying the bills, trying to get every one right, keep everyone happy,” Mollet said.

Unexpected blessing

However, things changed when on Sunday, a regular customer couple blessed her with a Nissan Ultima. “It’s a blessing. They blessed me,” Mollet said of the gift from the unnamed customers. “They are wonderful people. They come here constantly. They come here with their family. They’re like family to me.”

Although the couple did not reveal their identity, all they wanted was to spread some joy amid the gloom and doom. The diner’s owner Dervis Akturk said he couldn’t think of anyone more deserving. “They said they had a car for Lisa and I said, ‘Wow!’ It was a shock for me. I even had goosebumps. There is still good people out there,” Akturk said.

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