Couple With Newly Adopted Daughter Get Surprise Baby Shower On Flight

After spending the last nine years trying to conceive a baby or adopting a baby, Dustin Moore and his wife were over the moon when they got to celebrate their baby shower onboard a flight back home after they adopted their 8-day-old daughter.


The new parents were carrying their precious bundle of joy who was born in Colorado, back home with them.

Dad Dustin Moore shared on Twitter on Feb. 9 about the outpouring of love and joy they experienced on their Southwest Airlines flight. He said that his brand new baby woke up mid-flight needing a diaper change. They were told to go to a private area by the flight attendant named Jenny, so that they could do the changing in peace.

“After a change, Jenny and another passenger compliment my beautiful daughter and politely asked what had prompted a flight with such a young infant,” he wrote. He said, “I gave them the shortened adoption story, to which they hastily offered congratulations, and shared a few more kind remarks.”


Soon another flight attendant, named Bobby, came up to them and gushed about their baby, “Then, we heard the intercom. The attendant Bobby came on and announced a special guest on the flight. Our daughter. ‘She’s just been adopted by her parents Caren and Dustin, and is making her way home.’”

“The entire cabin erupted in cheers and applause.” He said people were clapping and peeking over their chairs to get a glimpse of their precious baby girl.

The crew members gave everyone airline napkins for people to write special messages for them. Moore shared a photo of all the napkins, sweetly compiled into a photo album for safekeeping.


Someone wrote, “Enjoy every minute,” while another wrote, “Always tell her you love her,” The new father finished off his story with a call to action, asking people to “share what is good,” when social media is often used to complain about the bad things. The Twitter thread received more than 13,000 likes and nearly 3,000 retweets.

“We were insecure about people not thinking much of our daughter,” he said. “It’s not very rational, but we were just concerned about what people would think by the virtue of her being adopted by us — we didn’t give birth to her.”


This story has touched our hearts this morning and we completely agree with Dustin Moore that social media should be filled with all things positive as we already have a lot of negative things happening in this world already.