Amazon Driver Has Hilarious Encounter With Chicken During Delivery

An Amazon driver gets into a hilarious tussle with a stubborn chicken that just wanted to be outside. The whole incident had been captured by a security cam.


The funny incident took place at Minooka, Illinois. A chicken casually walks out of the garage as an Amazon driver pulls up at the house for a key-in-garage delivery. The pet chicken, Fancy, was determined to leave the enclosure and took a walk outside for some fresh air.

The man is seen greeting the chicken at first, as he opens the garage door and later is quite surprised at the tenacity of Fancy as his attempts to keep the chicken inside the garage fails hilariously.

He tries several times to make Fancy stay inside, but the stubborn chicken was just not having it. Fancy keeps on the fight and clearly is beating the Amazon driver at it. At last, the driver takes up one final stance, grabs fancy and gives the chicken a decent throw, a little further inside and immediately closes the garage doors. The shutters promptly closes in and finally Fancy was prevented from getting out.

Although his job was to just deliver packages, the Amazon driver was very much polite and made sure that the chciken was safe inside. He definitely could have saved time by not geting bothered about a chicken but he was a kind soul and patient as well. Hope he got to deliver other packages on time.

The video clip of the hilarious tussle between the delivery man and the chicken has been commented on by viewers with lovely and appreciating words.

A person commented, “This guy deserves a raise – he actually cares.”

While another wrote,”Such honest delivery man- responsible and respectful.”

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