Baby Says ‘Mama’ In The Most Hilarious Way

A toddler has taken his parents and the internet by surprise when he said ‘mama’ in a growl which his mother described as ‘almost demonic’.

baby says mama

Irish mom, Maiken Woll Eide captured footage on May 2 that shows her 16-month-old son Aiden James or AJ eating berries at his home in Wicklow, Ireland.

When she asks him to say mama, he responds in a way that cracks up father Julian Brophy.

Ms Eide said that little AJ is learning how to say ‘papa,’ but when it was time to say ‘mama,’ it didn’t turn out as they expected!

Ms Eide added: ‘We laughed so hard, and he’s still saying “mama” like that.’

Mr. Brophy shared the hilarious footage on Twitter where people commented that AJ had a promising career as a voiceover actor.

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