Heartwarming Moment When Little Boy Leaps Into Homecoming Army Dad’s Arms At Soccer Practice

Military families sacrifice a lot as they safeguard our country borders and serve overseas. The children lose out big time as one or both of their parents are not their for most part of the year with them.

One video which was uploaded on September 18, 2020, shows the joy and surprise of a little boy when he sees his army dad after a long gap illustrates this best.


The little boy was at soccer practice when he suddenly looked over the sidelines and found his army dad there, the boy was overtaken by shock and joy and his expressions are so precious.


We can never get tired of seeing wonderful military reunions like these when these brave personnel return back home after serving our country away from their loved ones.

Just look at the way the boy runs into his father’s open arms, and gives a flying leap into his army dad’s welcoming arms.

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