Soldier’s Tearful Homecoming Reunion With Daughter Is Melting Hearts

A tearful reunion between a Nebraska soldier, away from his family for over a year, and his daughter is breaking hearts on social media.

Jason Langley has been serving over the last one year in Afghanistan, and has not been able to see his kids and wife, so when Tamara his wife planned a surprise re-union for Lexie with her dad, everyone was blown away.

His 13 year old Lexie was at the school auditorium with all her friends when her dad suddenly turned up and gave her a big hug, and told her he missed her.

Although Langley will be based in Kentucky, he will be at home for the weekends and wows to spend every minute with his daughter.

Military homecomings are always an emotional time for family members and although they are home for short periods of time, they try to make the most of it and is always special for them.

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