‘Unplanned’ Actress Speaks About Her Once ‘Love-Hate Relationship’ With God And How She Became An Outspoken Christian

Hollywood actress Ashley Bratcher who won hearts with her performance in the film “Unplanned,” is an outspoken Christian and has dedicated her life and acting career to God and her faith.


Bratcher recently revealed her personal testimony and how she was trying to help young mothers struggling to complete their education while speaking to “The Pure Flix Podcast” at the National Religious Broadcasters convention.

Her Story

Bratcher says she did not actively pursue acting, but accidentally stumbled across a career in it, “I did not believe that acting was a serious career choice being in rural North Carolina,” Bratcher said, noting, though an elective acting class she attended in college brought her passions back to the surface. “It reignited that spark inside of me.”

The big breakthrough came after she delivered an impromptu commercial audition at the North Carolina State Fair where she landed an agent and headed to New York City, hired a manager, and started a career in acting.

Relationship with God

It wasn’t a smooth road for her but soon faith took center stage in her life and changed everything. “I had this love-hate relationship with God,” she said of her teen years. She then says, “It wasn’t until years later when my son was born that I realized what relationship looked like versus religion.”

Bratcher recalled thinking, “If I can love my child so, so much who I just met, how much more must a heavenly father who created the universe love us?”

Listen: Bratcher talks about her journey

The strong love she felt for her son and her relationship with him made the change in her thinking, “something just clicked” when it came to God and faith. She surrendered herself to God and gave him her career in 2012, she has been since making efforts to help young mothers who want an education and was deeply impacted with her role in “Unplanned.”

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