Dad Tells 4-Yr-Old Daughter She’s Going Blind And Her Response Completely Wrecked Me

This is the story of a beautiful friendship between Rachael Steffens and Autumn Michaels. Rachael is a high school senior who plays percussion, while Autumn, a freshman, plays the clarinet. But without their friendship, they would have a much different high school experience. That’s because Autumn is blind.

Autumn was just 7-months-old when doctors found an inoperable brain tumor near her optic nerves. With time, it grew. When she was only four years old , her parents, Jason and Angie Michaels made the tough decision to allow doctors to remove their sweet little girl’s optic nerves completely, along with extra parts of the tumor.

“Autumn, I’m sorry we have to do this,” the heartbroken dad told his daughter “You won’t be able to see.”. And the 4-year-old’s response stunned everyone. “It’s OK Daddy,” she responded. “God will see for me.

After entering the high school this year, Autumn has memorized everything around her and learned to navigate the school hallways using a cane. It was her dream to play in the marching band. And she got the chance to perform in the bleachers, standing still with her clarinet in hand and performing the marching band routines during the halftime on the football field was a grueling task for Autumn. It seemed her dreams of marching in the band had been dashed until Rachael Steffens stepped in.

The 17-year-old percussionist was looking forward to her senior year in the band, when she met Autumn at band camp over the summer. The two became friends in no time and when the school year started Rachael selflessly decided to become Autumn’s guide. Watch this beautiful story below.