Baby Born without Eyes and Had Half Her Brain Removed Defies Doctors: Harlym Carter Story

The story of Harlym Carter, a baby born without eyes and who had half her brain removed, is a story that touches the soul, reminding us of the incredible power of faith, love, and divine grace. This narrative unfolds with a young mother, Allyanna Carter, and her daughter, who together navigate a journey filled with unexpected challenges, yet illuminated by profound love and faith.

baby born without eyes harlym carter

From the beginning, Harlym’s life was marked by the unexpected. Born with Anophthalmia, she came into this world without eyes, and a significant part of her brain was underdeveloped. This condition is rare, leaving many parents overwhelmed by the prognosis. Yet, for Allyanna Carter, Harlym’s 19-year-old mother, and her family, it was the start of a journey of faith and unconditional love.

On July 22, the day of Harlym’s birth, the unexpected unfolded swiftly. Right after her arrival, doctors took Harlym aside for routine cleaning, signaling the first hint of the challenges to come. They shared concerns with Allyanna’s mother, Kacie, about the possibility that Harlym might have been born without eyes—initially thinking her face might just be swollen.

The situation grew more urgent when Harlym experienced a seizure the very next day. A CT scan confirmed the absence of her eyes and further diagnosed additional conditions, painting a complex medical picture for the newborn. This diagnosis brought a cascade of emotions and decisions for Allyanna, who admitted, “I was absolutely heartbroken. I was thinking about how she’d never be looked at as regular.”

Harlym’s medical journey didn’t stop with the diagnosis of Anophthalmia. She was also found to have galactosemia, a rare condition that prevents her from converting milk sugar into glucose, necessitating tube feeding for nutrition.

Additionally, she has choanal atresia, a blockage of the nasal passages by bone or tissue, adding layers to her already complex medical needs. Despite these overwhelming diagnoses, Allyanna’s resolve only strengthened, “I’m going to love her anyway.”

The doctors, understanding the gravity of Harlym’s condition, suggested a hemispherectomy—a surgery to disconnect the underdeveloped left side of her brain from the right. This operation, conducted in August, was meant to prevent further seizures but left Harlym with permanent weakness on her right side.

Facing these realities, Allyanna was counseled to consider Harlym’s quality of life, yet her faith and love guided her to choose hope and fight for Harlym’s future.

“Doctors were constantly telling me to think about Harlym’s quality of life — but I didn’t just want to pull the plug.”

Against all odds, Harlym is thriving. Her progress defies medical expectations. Nearly crawling, sitting up, babbling, and enjoying her bottle, Harlym mirrors her mother’s actions, showcasing not just brain activity but a joyful engagement with life.

Her happiness and love for being held illuminate every room, turning every challenge into a testament of faith.

Harlym’s story teaches us that with faith in God, no challenge is too great. Let us remember to trust in His plan for us, even in the toughest times. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13.

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