Baby Capybara Thriller Dance at Miami Zoo Goes Viral

A baby capybara has gone viral for her ‘Thriller’ dance at Miami’s Zoological Wildlife Foundation.

baby capybara thriller dance video

Captured on camera, her dance resembles Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. This video has attracted over 110 million views, turning the capybara into an overnight sensation.

The foundation sought the public’s input to name this capybara. They settled on “Eve,” inspired by her Christmas Eve arrival. “She arrived to us at the foundation on Christmas Eve, so it was only fitting, and one of our supporters nailed it by suggesting,” said Matt Dillon from the foundation.

Eve is now ready to meet the public. The foundation invites Miami residents and visitors to interact with her. This is a unique opportunity to see the viral star up close.

Eve’s dance has captured hearts around the globe. Her spontaneous ‘Thriller’ performance shows the joy animals can bring.

WATCH: Baby Capybara Dancing Video

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