Cow Can’t Stop Listening to Farmer’s Classic 80s Rock Music

A black-and-white farm cow named Jenna has left the internet in awe with her surprising affection for classic rock music from the 1980s.

cow listening to music

The 1980s was a vibrant era marked by many memorable trends, films, television shows, and most importantly, the music.

The era was equally noteworthy for its diverse music, boasting artists like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Wham! But among those who preferred a more energetic vibe, Bon Jovi stood as one of the most prominent rock bands of the decade.

As it turns out, the reach of Bon Jovi’s music extended beyond human listeners to include a unique fan – Jenna, the barnyard cow. In a fascinating video clip posted on YouTube, Jenna can be seen intently listening to a man strumming the guitar and singing Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive.”

In the nearly 3-minute long clip, Jenna remains close to the man, occasionally resting her face on his head to stay near the captivating sound. Throughout the video, her eyes are closed in seeming bliss, and she’s as calm as ever, wholly entranced by the sweet, soothing melodies of 80s rock.

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