Newly Wedded Couple Adopt Stray Dog That Crashed Their Wedding

A newly married couple has adopted the dog that gatecrashed their wedding and the three are doing life very well together.


Douglas Robert and Tamíris Muzini did not know that they were going to meet their forever dog at their wedding ceremony.

Tamiris arrived at the church and saw a stray blonde dog that was making himself comfortable with the guests there.

The dog was well-behaved and did not disturb the ceremony one bit. When the couple officially became husband and wife and were making their way out of the church, the dog became very excited.


In an interview with The Dodo, Tamiris recalled, “When he greeted us at the end, he asked: ‘Take me home. Take me,’” she said.

That was the moment they decided to make a place for the dog in their home and adopted it as their own pet. They gave him the name Braiá Caramelo.

The dog was full of scars that spoke about his unpleasant past, but who cares because now he is with a loving couple who is giving him the time of his life.


Tamiris Muzini said, “He’s so loving. Despite everything he’s been through, he still believes in the goodness of people,” she added. “He gives us hope.”

They are sharing their life journey on Instagram where the three seem to be thriving and adjusting well as a family of three.


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