19-Month-Old Baby’s First Sermon Sets The Internet On Fire

A preacher’s little boy Levi proved he is a born preacher when he just hopped onto the platform before service began, and started preaching naturally.

The boy is just 19-months old and babbles in baby talk, but it seems he has an important message to share with all and no wonder the video went viral on Facebook with 1 million views in just a day.


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Sanmi Falae

Young Jeremiah! He’s got the Gospel burning in his bones and can’t wait to take on enemies of our God and Humanity. God’s speed to you, young man.

Johnnie Iguess

What a cutie. His Dad, better watch out this little man, may take his place in a short few years.

Israel Moussa Boureima

Amen !

Veronica Cox

Preach it baby, may God bless you and keep you. In the name of Jesus

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