New Grandpa Breaks Down in Tears as He Discovers Grandson’s Name

When Mike Sheff met his newborn grandson in the hospital, he expected a typical visit. However, what unfolded was a moment of pure joy and unexpected honor.

baby named after grandfather

As he gazed at the baby alongside his wife Julie, Mike discovered something remarkable: the baby’s name tag read “Michael Sheff Way.” This discovery moved him to tears, revealing the depth of love and connection within this family.

Jessi Way, Mike’s daughter, had kept the baby’s name a secret until that moment. She chose to name her son after her father, combining his first and last names. The choice was more than just a namesake; it was a way to continue the Sheff family legacy. Jessi and her sister, the only children of Mike, had changed their last names upon marriage. Naming her son Michael Sheff Way was Jessi’s tribute to her father and her maiden name.

The family will forever treasure this emotional encounter. Jessi shared the video of this touching moment on social media, where it quickly went viral, amassing over 14 million views. “After seeing their reaction, there was no doubt our son had the perfect name,” Jessi said. “The video is a memory we will cherish forever, and the response the video received has been nothing short of amazing.”

Proverbs 17:6: “Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.

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