Children’s Choir Sings Moving Rendition Of ‘Jerusalem’

Young students from the BAC choir from Betikama Adventist College, Solomon Islands sing an incredible version of “Jerusalem.” the song is based on the Book of Revelation where John sees the visions about Heaven and about the end times.

The BAC choir do a splendid job at singing this song and we feel blessed hearing these children praise God with the powerful words of this song.

John saw a city that could not be hidden
John saw the city, oh yes he did
John caught a glimpse of the golden throne
Tell me all about it, go right on
Around the throne he saw the crystal sea
There’s got to be more, what will it be
I want to go, to that city he saw
New Jerusalem, Jerusalem

We are really looking forward for more such anointed praise and worship from BAC choir and hope many more young people are stirred to sing for the Lord all around the world.


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