Heavenly Harp Cover of ‘You Are My Hiding Place’ by Edward Sabogal

Edward Sabogal delivers a soul-stirring harp cover of ‘You Are My Hiding Place.’ This performance, set against breathtaking scenery, touches our hearts.

You Are My Hiding Place harp cover

Michael Ledner penned this song in 1980. He was going through a tough time. The song’s foundation is Psalm 32:7. This verse tells us, “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” This verse tells us about finding refuge in God.

The harp, with its heavenly sound, brings a special peace to the song. It makes us feel closer to God’s presence. This instrument’s gentle tones match the message of finding peace in God.

‘You Are My Hiding Place’ is a call to find safety in God during fear and uncertainty. Michael Ledner wrote it from his heart. It shows us that God is always there to give us hope and strength. As Sabogal plays, we are drawn into a moment of peace.


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