Florida Sisters Says God Watched Over Them During Car Fire

Two teen sisters from southwest Florida witnessed the hand of God, when one of them said that their Bible escaped unscathed after their jeep caught on fire.


Joelle and Sevyn Shock were driving when their 2000 Jeep Liberty suddenly locked up and they heard a loud noise. “We had just passed Walmart in Labelle. We were on 80 and the car just stopped,” said Joelle, 19. “Like, it just went, ‘Boom boom’ and just stopped.”

Joelle, who was the wheel, pulled over and the car began smoking heavily, the sisters managed to get out of the car taking only their cell phones, before it burst into flames. They asked the help of a passerby and firefighters, to put the fire out, but their car was destroyed in the process.


While the firefighters were putting out the flames, they asked them if anything important was still in there, Joelle and Sevyn realized Joelle’s Bible was still in there. “That’s the first thing he got out of the car, and he’s walking towards us, and he was just looking heroic,” Joelle said. “He just brought the Bible to us, and that meant so much.”

The sisters had received a copy of the Bible from their mother Julia Sutherland, when they turned 18, “It was really important to (Joelle), and that the fireman took the time to get back in there and grab that for her, showed that he cared,” Sutherland said. Joelle’s Bible had remained in the car after she had carried it to church last Sunday, and was expecting it to be damaged due to the flames, and the water that the firefighters had doused it in, but the Bible was intact and dry to everyone’s surprise.


Joelle said, “It was in a Bible case and the case was completely soaked and it had melted plastic on it, and I opened it up and there were some papers inside (the case) that were completely soaked and completely ruined,” she said. “I was like, shoot man, I’m going to have to dry out my Bible.” But on opening the case, it was completely dry.

The family doesn’t know how the fire was caused in the first place, but agree that God was in control of the entire situation.

As Joelle says, “The Bible is God’s word, and it’s important to him,” Joelle said. “I definitely think that was a sign he’s watching over us. And all the people he sent to help us and as fast as he did, I think that was his way of telling us, you know, ‘I’m with you and I’m helping you through this and keeping you safe.’”

God’s word says that not one leaf falls from a tree without His knowledge, and that He knows exactly how many hairs are on our head, this great miracle can’t have happened without His will and knowledge to bring glory to His name.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-3 “Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses. 2 He sets the time for birth and the time for death, the time for planting and the time for pulling up, 3 the time for killing and the time for healing, the time for tearing down and the time for building.”