Undamaged Bible Found Opened To An Incredible Verse After Tornado

After the severe weather conditions in Alabama, causing a tornado to take the lives of a Lawrence County family and leaving their son fighting for his life, a local rescuer discovery of an unharmed Bible found opened in the debris, is giving them much-needed strength.


Jason Fields, is a worker from the Alabama Department of Agriculture and a volunteers with the Morgan County’s Danville Fire & Rescue Department, shared a post recently on Facebook with a caption saying, “Around 24 hours ago, lives were changed in an instant. Our department went to assist with the response in Town Creek,” he explained.

“In previous tornado disasters, I have helped recover bodies, sift through debris to recover property, and offered support to those in the worst of times. Last night I stumbled upon this New Testament among thousands of pieces of debris.”

He added, “The storm had just destroyed the homes of several families, taken two lives, and critically injured others, but this Bible remained unharmed. Could there be a better reminder to us of the power of God?”

The Bible was left opened in the New Testament in Acts 15, to which Brianna Collett a Facebook user also added that the verse aptly described their situation. “I will return after this. I will build David’s house again. It has fallen down. I will build again the parts of his house that have been pulled down. I will make his house new.”

Governor Kay Ivey also commented on the situation in Alabama, saying, “This morning, I began the process of calling local leaders who were affected by last night’s storm. I join the community of Town Creek in grieving the loss of a husband and wife. While most of us slept through the storm, a family is waking up today devastated. I will be praying for their family and the community, and I offer any assistance from the state that is available as they start the process of rebuilding.”

“I urge everyone to remember those who were affected, whether it be those who have lost family members, those who were injured or those who lost their homes. We must support our neighbors during the days to come and remind them they are not alone. I also want to thank Alabama’s first responders who were out in the middle of the storm, risking their own lives, to protect and aid their fellow Alabamians,” Gov. Kay concluded.


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