Facebook Group Of Dog Lovers Describe Their Pups For A Blind Man

A community of dog lovers has helped a blind man understand how dogs looked like.

The Dogspotting Society, a public Facebook group for people to post photos of dogs, discuss different breeds, swap stories, and share has done the impossible.

A blind man named Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff posted in the group asking people to describe how their dogs looked like.


“I love being a member of this group!” wrote Shkuratoff. “I am blind and was hoping to ask for more dog descriptions. Personality traits are more helpful than colors. Like how soft the dog is, for example. Bonus as always for dogs full of kisses and snuggles. Thanks for making me feel included,” he concluded. “Hope no one minds me asking for descriptions a lot recently.”

Thousands of people responded with detailed descriptions of their furry creatures.


One person wrote, “Billy is a chocolate lab. He’s silly and funny, and so loving. He knows when you’re sad, or tired. He’ll put his super soft snoot, that feels like velvet on your lap, and when you start petting his smooth, silky head and back you can feel his whole body sigh, and relax. Something about that just pulls all the sad out of you and helps you feel better almost instantly.”


Another one responded writing, “I have a Boston terrier named Elma. Her name means Apple in Turkish because she is the apple of my eye. She is a very sweet and quiet dog and rarely barks. We have to be careful she does not get shut in a bathroom by accident because she is so so quiet. She makes up for no loud barks with the loudest snores you’ve ever heard from a 18-pound animal. She is also an expert blanket hog and particularly likes faux fur blanket throws.”


Many people apart from Shkuratoff have appreciated the comments, with some expressing their gratitude for such a wholesome comment thread; others have thanked Shkuratoff for helping to make the group more inclusive for users with disabilities.


The post got some 2,000 comments, Shkuratoff simply said: “All these descriptions are so lovely and I am very thankful.”

We are sure Shkuratoff must be feeling so blessed after receiving so many responses to his post, our furry friends are incomparably loyal and adorably cute and we are blessed to have these bundles of joy in our lives.