6-Year-Old Boy Believes God Healed Him After Twice Been Bitten By Poisonous Serpent

When you think of Australia, the first thing that comes to your mind is- lethal animals, like crocodiles, great white sharks, huge spiders, snakes and much more.

Native to Australia is one of the most venomous snakes, the western brown snake which can kill you instantly with just one bite. But in a supernatural incident, a 6-year-old boy from the Wongan Hills area in Australia, survived even though he was bit twice- within a time period of eight days.

Joel Canning like any other kid his age was playing outside on a sunny day, but suddenly a sharp bite from a western brown snake ended his playtime. The western brown snake, or gwardar, isn’t known to be a very aggressive serpent but its fangs can deliver 3 times the poison an eastern brown snake does.

praying boy

Even though he was bitten by a venomous serpent, Joel displayed unusual character when he started running toward’s home declaring “I’m not going to do.”

When he entered his house, he simply asked his mother if people bitten by poisonous snakes go to heaven, Pippa Canning his mother, said she told him yes, and then he collapsed on the ground. She then realized that he was talking about himself and decided to rush him to the emergency.

Perplexed at seeing her son having difficulty breathing and hissing, she kept giving him CPR before she was able to put him in the back seat of the car. Joel was taken to Perth for emergency treatment, where he recovered.

But calamity struck again when a week later, he was again bitten by another western brown snake, exactly at the same place he was bitten earlier.  His mother says he was not able to move and talk properly, but Joel knew he would survive, because he had prayed to God.

He adds that he was sure he would survive, because he had survived earlier and that was because he had prayed to God and knew that God would heal him.

This is amazing, imagine what peace we all would have if we believed that Jesus is with us at all times and is hearing our prayers and answering them.

Saving a life after snake bite – twice

Pippa Canning’s 6-year-old son, Joel, was bitten by a brown snake while walking down the road near his home in Australia. She describes how she saved his life then – and 6 days later when he got bitten again.

Posted by BBC World Service on Monday, July 30, 2018


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