Music Teacher And Student With Down Syndrome Singing Duet Will Leave You Foot Tapping

"Chasing Cars" remix with this legend.

Posted by Robert Mullen Junior on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A musician who has dedicated his life to teaching music to people with disabilities, recently posted a YouTube video of him playing with one of his students who has Down syndrome which has gone viral.

Robert Mullen works for the largest disability care provider in New Zealand, and in his free time, teaches people with disability how to play guitar, and often posts videos of his lessons. One such student is Alex, who is a 27-year-old man with Down syndrome and is extremely talented musically.

Mullen says, “[Alex] is a true example of someone who’s ability is far greater than their disability.” He adds that within the first two guitar lessons with Alex, he understood that he had huge potential and they began song writing, vocal training and other ways to channel his creativity.

Alex wanted to make a YouTube video, so they both recorded their jam sessions and shared them on Facebook. One such video of them performing, “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol has gone viral.

The video showcases the creativity of Alex and Mullen, as Mullen strums his guitar, Alex plays the harmonica and then all of a sudden, Alex begins rapping his own self-written lyrics which is awesome.

Now since this video has gone viral, they both have been asked to perform the song at two different events. Mullen hopes to keep getting gigs with Alex, and to keep inspiring people with music.

Mullen says, “I’m working with more people with learning disabilities or low self-esteem.” He adds, “Using music and creativity to help them both express themselves and grow within their personal development.”

Hats off to Mr Mullen and Alex for this wonderful video, we cannot get enough of them.