Joyous Song about God’s Love ‘More’ by Brandon Lake, Benjamin William Hastings, and Leeland

Brandon Lake, Benjamin William Hastings, and Leeland have teamed up to create a powerful song called ‘More.’ This track is a spiritual invitation to explore God’s immense love.

Brandon Lake More

The lyrics, including “More proof than the doubt ever needed (I keep coming back for more),” express a deep longing for a closer bond with Jesus, mirroring the feelings of many believers.

The chorus of “More” acts as a faith statement and acknowledges God’s limitless grace and presence. The artists convey this message with energy and conviction, transforming the song into a celebration of God’s constancy in our lives.

The music video adds to the experience, showing the artists and their crew on a bus trip. It’s a visual and auditory journey into worship. The video’s uplifting vibe encourages viewers to join in this celebration.

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