School Asks For 50 ‘Dads’ To Mentor Young Men, 600 Show Up

It was a desperate plea by a Dallas community in need of volunteers for their “Breakfast with Dads” event. However, the turnout of more than 600 men exceeded their wildest expectations.

Billy Earl Dade Middle School holds the “Breakfast with Dads” event to encourage students to bring their fathers or father figures to breakfast. Kristina Dove, one of the event’s organizers, said, “It’s a way to engage the students’ families during the school day, and it’s especially crucial for middle school students.”

The school grew concerned upon realizing that about 150 students, aged 11 to 13, might not have a “dad” to join them for breakfast. So, Dove took to Facebook, hoping to attract 50 male volunteers.

Her call was met with an overwhelming response: hundreds expressed interest, and almost 600 mentors showed up at Billy Earl Dade Middle School.

One volunteer, Jamil Tucker, handed out ties to the men, intending to teach the students how to tie them. It was an emotional moment for Drenka, a witness, who remarked, “I started crying behind my camera.” She added, “The back of my camera was fogging up.” According to her, a young man tying a tie for the first time creates a lasting memory, a milestone many of the attendees had never experienced.

It was a significant event for both the mentors and the young men. Such initiatives should be held more frequently to support the fatherless and orphans in our society.

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